Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking- The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious football tournament. Players from all over the world compete for national pride and the chance for unparalleled glory that may only come once in a lifetime when they are released from the rigors of the club game once every four years.

The competition has seen numerous wonderful teams and memorable matches over its 84 years of existence. Be that as it may, who, across World Cup history, has the privilege to consider themselves the best? Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

Here is a statistical analysis of the most successful World Cup teams based on points and matches won since the first tournament in Uruguay. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking


The criteria for determining which World Cup teams have had the most success are as follows: First and foremost, nations will be differentiated based on the points they earn by winning or drawing tournament matches. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

All games are scored using the modern system, which awards three points for a win and one point for a draw, to ensure fairness. The winner receives an additional three imaginary points for each match in the knockout stages. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

In penalty shootouts, both teams receive one point and the game is treated as a draw. The number of World Cups a nation has won would be the first and most crucial condition for breaking a tie if two or more teams finish level on points.

The average number of points scored per game comes next, followed by the goal differential over the competition’s history. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking
Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking


The Andean nation, which is the fourth country from South America on this list, actually ranks joint 20th in the World Cup rankings. On both endlessly focuses normal, they are attached with Switzerland, who pass up a major opportunity

by ethicalness of a somewhat more regrettable objective contrast throughout the long term. The Roja’s greatest sporting achievement was hosting the 1962 World Cup, finishing third, and defeating Italy in a violent match that has been dubbed “the battle of Santiago.

” However, it is possible that regional competitiveness has harmed the South Americans. Chile has only participated in consecutive World Cups twice in their history due to the fierce competition for CONMEBOL spots at the tournament;

in 1962 and 1966, and in 2014, after Marcelo Bielsa guided them to the last 16 four years ago. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking



It is incredible to consider that Portugal has only participated in five World Cups despite having such exceptional talent over the years. Indeed, the Lusitanians may have missed Brazil 2014 as well if it weren’t for the magic of one Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, Portugal typically makes a splash once they reach the finals; Hence, their 1.7 points per game average, which is significantly higher than that of any other team on this list ranked 20-11. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

The nation’s two semi-final appearances (1966 and 2006) and four qualifications in a row suggest bright prospects. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

Portugal and Belgium’s national football team are tied in points. However, the nation is pushed down to the penultimate position on our list due to the latter’s superior points average. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

The nation has participated in the World Cup numerous times. However, outcomes at the tournament have been rather disappointing. Belgium has only advanced past the first round in five of the 11 tournaments they have participated in, with their best performance coming in the 1986 semi-finals.


Austria’s glory days as a football power appear to be over. The nation advanced to the semifinals in the first two World Cups they competed in, but they were eliminated in 1938 and 1950 due to the effects of Germany’s annexation and the Second World War.

The nation has not participated in football’s most prestigious international competition in 16 years, with their most recent appearance coming in 1998 in France. In contrast, to locate the last time Austria advanced past the first round, one must travel to 1982.

Since the split with Slovakia in 1992, the Czech Republic national team has struggled to replicate the consistent form. However, as Czechoslovakia, the team came very close to winning the tournament on several occasions.

In 1934, the nation lost to Italy after making it all the way to the final. In 1962 they arrived at a similar stage, setting up to contend with Brazil in the decider. Before the Selecao’s strength paid off, Czechoslovakia took the game 3-1 and briefly led.


The best football seasons in Hungary’s history are long gone. However, the “Mighty Magyars” were one of the most influential teams in modern football when the sport began to evolve in the 1950s. After coming in second in 1938, the team that was influenced

by Ferenc Puskas and Co. made its mark on the sport 16 years later. In that year’s final, Hungary lost to West Germany after scoring an incredible 27 goals in five games and humiliating the eventual winners 8-3 in the first round.

However, the team would never achieve those levels again and has not qualified for the World Cup since 1986. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

Mexico’s position as a football nation in the Caribbean and North America’s relative backwater is largely to blame for the fact that they have qualified for more World Cups than any other team. Only four teams have done so.

The Tricolor’s appearance at the greatest show on earth has, however, varied. Mexico is without a doubt the nation on our list that performs the worst, scoring an average of just one point per game. The same record can be found in footballing giants like Cameroon,

Jamaica, and Slovakia. However, one of the few nations to have participated in so many World Cups—alongside Italy, France, Germany, and, soon, Brazil—has experienced memorable moments. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

The Mexican national team’s achievements in the 1970 and 1986 World Cup quarterfinals stand out, but they have also reached the last 16 in each of the previous five tournaments. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking


Polish football also enjoyed a golden age prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, as did its neighbors behind the Iron Curtain—Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union. During the 1970s and 1980s, the nation was a world power, making a mark on the World Cup before returning to decline.

When Poland finished third at the 1974 World Cup, it blew everyone away with its best performance ever. The team was able to move up these rankings thanks to strong performances in 1978 and 1982, both of which ended in third place.

These three competitions were the source of 12 of the 15 World Cup victories. One cannot help but feel that Russia ought to be much higher up this list than 12th place due to its size and range of available playing talent.

This was even more true during the time of the Soviet Union, when Ukraine, Belarus, and the various constituents of the USSR all represented the superpower. Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

The 1960s were the best years for Soviet football, when the team won the European Championship in 1960, finished fourth in England in 1966, Top 20 Nations of FIFA Ranking

and finished in the top eight for four World Cups in a row. However, despite having outstanding players, they will never be able to replicate that performance, and Russia has yet to advance beyond the group stages.

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