FIFA World Cup Venue

FIFA World Cup Venue- FIFA World Cup: The 2022 FIFA World Cup will begin in Qatar on November 20, 2022. On November 20, Qatar, the host nation, will face Ecuador in the opening match. Read on for more information about the FIFA World Cup schedule, fixtures, matches, and venues.

The opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 between Ecuador and Qatar will take place on Sunday, November 20, 2022, at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar. The 2022 FIFA World Cup was scheduled to begin on November 21.

During the FIFA World Cup 2022, a 12-day group will consist of four daily matches. Group Britain will play against the USA in Gathering B, Argentina and Mexico will play against one another in Gathering H and in Gathering C, Cristiano Ronaldo will play against Uruguay.

Finally, the event with the most viewers and the largest attendance is taking place! The world’s number one game, football, will clash in a competition that will remember 32 groups for only a couple of brief a very long time as the football craze plunges upon the globe.

With so much anticipation, now is the time to learn as much as you can about the Football FIFA World Cup 2022. You will learn where each team is located as well as when and where to watch the tournament’s games from beginning to end in this blog.

In this way, find a comfortable place to sit and prepare for a universe of energy by putting on your football fan gear! FIFA World Cup Venue The FIFA Football World Cup will take place in the Middle East from November 20 to December 18.

FIFA World Cup Venue
FIFA World Cup Venue

In one of the largest sporting events on the planet, 32 teams from all over the world will compete. The FIFA Football World Cup is taking place in the Middle East. In this interactive, Al Jazeera takes you on a virtual tour of Qatar, showcasing landmarks, culture, and stadiums.

You are invited on a virtual tour of Qatar by Al Jazeera, which highlights landmarks, culture, and stadiums. To jump directly to a particular tour stop, use the links below, or scroll down for the entire schedule. FIFA World Cup Venue

At the Qatar 2022TM core fan location in Al Bidi Park, indulge in the finest local and international cuisine, don your official FIFA gear, and dance to the live music of international and local musicians. We encourage you to enjoy football celebrations both on and off the field.


Event NameFootball FIFA World Cup
Date21 November 2022
Start Time13:00pm
Venue Lusail Iconic Stadium
FIFA World Cup Venue

Schedule for A-Group

Team 1Match DateTeam 2
QatarSunday, 20th NovemberEcuador
SenegalMonday, 21st NovemberNetherlands
QatarFriday, 25th NovemberSenegal
NetherlandsFriday, 25th NovemberEcuador
NetherlandsTuesday, 29th NovemberQatar
EcuadorTuesday, 29th NovemberSenegal
FIFA World Cup Venue

Schedule for B-Group

Team 1Match DateTeam 2
EnglandMonday, 21st NovemberIran
USAMonday, 21st NovemberWales
WalesFriday, 25th NovemberIran
EnglandFriday, 25th NovemberUSA
WalesTuesday, 29th NovemberEngland
IranTuesday, 29th NovemberUSA
FIFA World Cup Venue

Schedule for C-Group

Team 1Match DateTeam 2
ArgentinaTuesday, 22nd NovemberS. Arabia
MexicoSaturday, 26th NovemberPoland
PolandSaturday, 26th NovemberS. Arabia
ArgentinaSaturday, 26th NovemberMexico
PolandWednesday, 30th NovemberArgentina
S. ArabiaWednesday, 30th NovemberMexico
FIFA World Cup Venue


Schedule for D-Group

Team 1Match DateTeam 2
DenmarkTuesday, 22nd November Tunisia
FranceTuesday, 22nd November Australia
TunisiaSaturday, 26th November Australia
TunisiaSaturday, 26th November Australia
TunisiaWednesday, 30th November France
AustraliaWednesday, 30th November Denmark
FIFA World Cup Venue

Schedule for E-Group

Team 1Match DateTeam 2
GermanyWednesday, 23rd November Japan
SpainWednesday, 23rd November Costa Rica
JapanWednesday, 23rd November Costa Rica
SpainWednesday, 23rd November Germany
JapanThursday, 1st December Spain
Costa RicaThursday, 1st December Germany
FIFA World Cup Venue

Schedule for F-Group

Team 1Match DateTeam 2
MoroccoWednesday, 23rd November Croatia
BelgiumWednesday, 23rd November Canada
BelgiumSunday, 27th November Morocco
CroatiaSunday, 27th November Canada
CroatiaThursday, 1st December Belgium
CanadaThursday, 1st December Morocco
FIFA World Cup Venue

Schedule for G-Group

Team 1Match DateTeam 2
SwitzerlandThursday, 24th NovemberCameroon
BrazilThursday, 24th NovemberSerbia
CameroonMonday, 28th NovemberSerbia
BrazilMonday, 28th NovemberSwitzerland
CameroonFriday, 2nd DecemberBrazil
SerbiaFriday, 2nd DecemberSwitzerland
FIFA World Cup Venue

Schedule for H-Group

Team 1Match DateTeam 2
UruguayThursday, 24th NovemberSouth Korea
PortugalThursday, 24th NovemberGhana
South KoreaMonday, 28th NovemberGhana
PortugalMonday, 28th NovemberUruguay
South KoreaFriday, 2nd DecemberPortugal
GhanaFriday, 2nd DecemberUruguay
FIFA World Cup Venue

How to watch Football FIFA World Cup 2022?

This year’s FIFA World Cup is nearing its conclusion, and soccer fans from all walks of life can’t wait to watch their favorite team play. The complete schedule for the final match, which will take place on

July 15 at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia, has been made available on the FIFA website. All 32 teams will compete in group phases before moving on to the knockout stage, where only the best teams will win.

For updates on team arena locations and matches, as well as live streaming options, keep an eye on the official website and social media accounts. Who do you suppose will win the cup this year? Leave your thoughts in the section below!

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